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Atlantic Underground Podcast Episode #2 ( Guest Steven D. Kelley)

Atlantic Underground Podcast Episode #2 (Guest Steven D. Kelley) In Episode #2 we talk with truth seeker, author, ex CIA/NSA contractor, founder Steven Kelley

A Word On Global Slavery

A Word On Global Slavery    Chris Smith  discusses how all of us in society are subjected to a form of modern global slavery.

Why We Must Never Accept A New Normal

Why We Must Never Accept A New Normal By Johnny MacLeod I remember when I heard it uttered for the first time. I remember how it made me feel.  When I saw the reporter on television say “This is the New Normal,” I cringed. I knew right then and there that something had changed for us all. With this COVID-19 situation gaining steam in the minds of the public, this buzz phrase would be uttered time and time again on mainstream media to reinforce their narrative. It has been said that if you say something enough to people, they will eventually believe it to be true. It didn’t take long before everyone seemed to be on board with the catchy phrase. I was amazed at how quickly people were willing to accept their fate, as if anything about this whole scenario was “Normal”. It all seemed very scripted to me. Like the government and mainstream media were happy to unveil this new propaganda for the masses. To me it was all very bizarre. There had been other viruses that had come and gone like ME

Atlantic Underground Podcast Episode #1

Atlantic Underground Podcast Episode #1 On our podcast premiere I speak with our very first guest Chris Smith. Chris is a friend and someone who has been very active researching and following many world issues with a keen eye and has at times shared a different perspective on various topics. Chris has been instrumental in getting the podcast off the ground and I was excited to get his views on the current Covid-19 pandemic situation.